What drew me into writing in the first place was obviously the creative aspect. Literally, I could create anything I wanted, follow my impulses and let the words spill out of me and onto the page to create a story for people to enjoy.

However, as I’ve grown and matured, both as a writer and as a person, I noticed the other part of writing, the community itself. It seems like everyone is connected to each other in some way, with everyone providing inspiration for each other or even marketing each other in some way. We do what we do not just for our own benefit, but for the benefit of others, from our audiences to our fellow craftsmen.

That’s what I’d like this blog to become, a resource for others, a place where I can help and connect with other people in the community, even if that something is as small as posting a tiny prompt or inspirational quote every day. Who knows, maybe if I feel comfortable enough I’ll even post some of my own work.

Bottom line is, I want to be an active part of the writing community, and this blog is my first step towards that goal.